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by Western & Wildlife Artist Wade Collins
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Basic Garments
* Short Sleeve T-Shirts
* Long Sleeve T-Shirts
* Mock Turtle Necks
* Henleys
* 50/50 Cotton/Poly Sweatshirts
* 90/10 Cotton/Poly Sweatshirts
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Pigment Dyes
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Full Center or Full Back prints
WC-Mule Deer Buck & Doe
WC-200F Standing QH

WC-106F Bull Elk & Cow
WC-110F Bison Bull & Cow

WC-103F Atelope Run
WC-107F Grizzly

WC-109F Battling Bulls
WC-203F Mustangs

WC-204F Me and My Dog

Left Chest (BSL) Prints
WC-102NT Mule Deer
WC-100 Elk Portrait
WC-202 QH Portrait
WC-200 Standing QH

WC-101 Standing Elk
WC-103 Standing Mulie
WC-104 MD Dark Brow

WC-103 Antelope Run
WC-107 Standing Griz
WC-110 Bison Portrait
More Copy Coming Soon!

WC-204 Full Center
WC-200 BSL
WC-200F Full Back

Wade Collins is a native Colorado working cowboy.

His artwork is a record of over 30 years of cowboying in some of Colorado’s most pristine country. His artwork reflects the colorful people he has met along the trail, the hundreds of horses he has raised and worked, and the countless challenges of raising cattle in the mountains of Colorado.

Wade works in oil, watercolor, pencil, and bronze. His most fascinating form of art which has come of age is the relief sculptur. Wade carves on massive natural stone. These monument size works of art have captured the hearts of many art enthusiast.

This talented artist began his career as a boy. He later attended Adams State with an art scholarship, however, he quickly returned to ranching and the lifestyle of the mountain cowboy that inspires his artwork.

Wade was featured in the award winning documentary film “Cowboys”. He has been editorialized in Western Horseman, The Fence Post, Cattle Country News, The Denver Post, and many other publications including the cover of Cowboy Magazine. His fine art and sculptures have universal appeal.

When you purchase a piece of Wade Collins’ artwork, you own a piece of Western history.

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